Kaohsiung is a charming city sparkling in the southern Taiwan, with the advantage of being in the intersection of the land and the ocean. From 1970’s, Kaohsiung has brought Taiwan to an economic miracle, which are mostly credited to the development of the basic industry led by Kaohsiung.

With the rise of emerging countries, steel’s industry is thriving in the Asian areas, catching peoples’ high attention back to this important industry. CSC Group Education Foundation was founded in 2006, aiming to cultivate the talented people in the field of steel’s industry, concerning about the natural conservation, enhancing the humanities and pursuing the final goal of the sustainable development. Besides, CSC Camp is featured the connection between the steels and life, emphasizing on the practical application of the steels.

This activity teaches the participants how to apply the steel to daily life from various dimensions, making them realize the importance of the steels. Apart from a series of courses, the visits to the downstream and upstream businesses of the steel industry, the gap between steel and the general public is bridged, and the details of the industry are deeply experienced; meanwhile, the exchanges and interactions of steel-related industries are thereby strengthened for CSC to achieve a good relationship with the downstream business partners.


Since 2008, there has been a group of students from different universities joining the CSC Camp annually. Particularly, a part of members is willing to be back to this camp serving as the staff. It’s a positive, educational and interesting activity.
CSC, the base of Taiwan’s traditional industry, was established in 1971 and has been created the economic miracles for Taiwan for a long time. In terms of the tourism, there are many manufacturing processes nearly hard to explore. What’s more, from the daily necessity to the high-tech products, most of them are made up of the steel and are the products of CSC. Thus, through the visits to CSC, then you can realize why CSC can stand in a good position and get recognized around the world.
This camp would combine the courses of the basic concept of the steel, downstream factories, steel-related competitions and some outdoor activities; let the participants understand the context of steel industry.

Organizer has the right to modify the schedule
The settled program would be announced at least two weeks prior to the date of the camp.
We’ve been visited to the metal center, screw industry, automakers, shipbuilding industry and the downstream of the steel industry.
If typhoon happens or other factors which may greatly impact the camp, we would change the place.
At the last day of the camp, we’ll have a sharing time, let the participants bring up their suggestions and the creative ideas to break the stereotypes of the steel industry. Furthermore, the idea may be used in the current market.
Let’s look back on those wonderful memories!