High Grade Electrical Steels

China Steel has successfully produced the highest grade 50CS230 and 35CS210 electrical steels in JIS standard and reached the peak of the traditional electrical steel product that can be produced in 2010. The development of ultra-thin gauge and super high flux density electrical steel will be our goal to reach in the following years.

Approximate 50% of total electricity consumption in Taiwan were consumed by motors. 1% increase of the motor efficiency can save 1 billion kW-hr electricity and reduce 630 thousand tones of CO2 emission per year. Use of higher grade electrical steel to increase the motor efficiency is therefore beneficial to reach this goal.
To fulfill the need of the domestic motor industry and give contribution to the energy saving and reduction of CO2 emission, CSC has continuously developed each type of the high grade electrical steels recently. Besides the development of high grade electrical steels, CSC also works hard to integrate the relative resources to increase the competitiveness and value of the supply chain of the whole domestic motor industry. We will continuously develop and supply the high grade electrical steels to our local motor industry and help to make the connection and integration between different professional fields to form a High Grade Motor Industry Cluster in the future. Through the help of these activities, both the social responsibility and the “energy-saving and carbon reduction” goal will be reached accordingly.

The 2,250 kW industry motor made of the 50CS290 electrical steel produced by CSC. A motor efficiency of 96% and weight reduction of 30% were reached by using this material. The motor received the “Taiwan Excellence Awards” in 2008 due to its excellent performance.
The 1.0/1.5 hp Permanent-magnet Blushless Motor (PMBM) made of 35CS300 electrical steel produced by CSC for the compressor application. A motor efficiency of 92% and weight reduction of 38% were reached by using this material.